For Amina Muaddi's latest campaign, the accessories designer looked to her heritage as the main source of inspiration.

Supermodel (and former Harper's BAZAAR cover star) Imaan Hammam stars in the new Drop 2/22 campaign, captured by photographer Dexter Navy and styled by Jahleel Weaver (Rihanna's go-to stylist and creative consultant). The campaign took the creative crew to Cairo, where Muaddi wanted to honor her cultural background and tell a relevant story of "what femininity means today."

The images feature Hammam in a number of scenarios, including strutting alongside a white Arabian horse and posing atop intricately woven rugs while modeling some of the brand's latest offerings. Satin pointed-toe pumps, strappy stilettos, and Lucite platforms all embellished with Muaddi's signature shimmery detailing are front and center in the new imagery.

amina mauddi shoes imaan hammam
Dexter Navy
imaan hammam amina mauddi
Dexter Navy

"I have been trying to make this project happen with Dexter for quite a long time. I really wanted to do something meaningful, an ode to my Arab heritage and a celebration of our culture," Muaddi tells "This project is important because it is close to our hearts. There isn't nearly enough representation and spotlight on people with our background. It was crucial for me to work with an almost entirely Arab crew."

amina mauddi imaan hammam
Dexter Navy

Hammam, who is of Dutch, Moroccan, and Egyptian descent, often speaks openly about her strong connection to Cairo.

"The most beautiful place in the world to me is Cairo, where my father was born," the model previously told BAZAAR. "I went in October last year for my birthday. Seeing the pyramids was so crazy and magical. To just be like, 'Oh, my God, I'm from here,' is even more crazy. … Moroccans, Egyptians, the Arab people—we're really into incense, oud, musk, and amber. When I smell those, I get so many flashbacks to my childhood."

Camelia Satin Slingback Pumps
Amina Muaddi Camelia Satin Slingback Pumps
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Dalida Platform PVC Sandals
Amina Muaddi Dalida Platform PVC Sandals
Tina Leather Embellished Ankle-Wrap Sandals
Amina Muaddi Tina Leather Embellished Ankle-Wrap Sandals
Adriana Metallic Leather Sandals
Amina Muaddi Adriana Metallic Leather Sandals
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