Florence Pugh doesn't just contain multitudes—she displays them, boldly. One day, she's immersed in the 19th-century set of an upcoming film project, like this year's The Wonder. The next, she's livestreaming from her kitchen as part of her ongoing Instagram cooking series. The Academy Award-nominated actress somehow blends the aspirational and the relatable—which extends to her personal style and her first fashion campaign with J.Crew.

In the campaign, Pugh models a mix of chino suiting separates, cashmere basics, and statement pieces like a laminated linen trench coat from J.Crew's spring collection. With pieces remixed in each shot, the campaign is meant to celebrate the highly subjective and personal art of getting dressed.

For Pugh, fashion is something that shifts on the regular, but it's always fun.

"For me the whole point of getting dressed is, who do you want to be today? And who do you want to be perceived as today?" Pugh tells BAZAAR.com. "For me, I don’t have one fashion statement that stays with me every single day and I just whip out a different shirt or jean. I am someone completely different every single day and I love that part about me."

florence pugh wears a jcrew blazer in a florence pugh jcrew campaign 2022

The campaign is also a reflection of Pugh's off-duty, not-gifted or sponsored, wardrobe. Even though the actor was introduced to J.Crew later in her life—she's English, J.Crew is firmly based in the U.S.—she'd become a fan of its cashmere knits and blouses after connecting with American devotees.

"I think one of the most beautiful things I learned about the brand was that pretty much every American woman I know has one if not multiple items of J.Crew in their wardrobe, that they have used for decades," she recalls. "And to me that is such a beautiful sentiment: We all have that one jumper, that one top, those jeans, that jacket, that Christmas cashmere—we all have these items that we keep forever."

One hero item in Pugh's closet (and suitcase, when she travels) is an easygoing cashmere tank vest included in her campaign. She says she's taken it home in three colors after wearing it in the photoshoot.

florence pugh wears a cashmere jcrew vest and a matching bucket hat as part of her jcrew 2022 campaign

A widely accessible brand—and one that already lives in her wardrobe—is in many ways a perfect match for a star who is so down-to-earth. "I never want to be the type of person that sells something I wouldn’t wear or buy myself," Pugh explains. "Because I am a normal woman, and I have a normal mum and normal sisters and normal grans, and I know what clothing does and how clothing makes people feel."

"On top of that, I’m very aware of the type of person I am. I’m very loud, very colorful, very bold." (See: Pugh's aforementioned Insta cooking series, and her general social media presence.) "And for [J.Crew] to enjoy that part of me and want to be a part of this process is a very touching thing."

florence pugh wears a laminated trench in a florence pugh jcrew campaign 2022
Cashmere Cropped Sweater-tank
J.Crew Cashmere Cropped Sweater-tank
$89 at J Crew
Credit: J.Crew
Collection Lightweight Trench Coat
J.Crew Collection Lightweight Trench Coat
Credit: J.Crew
Willa Blazer
J.Crew Willa Blazer
Credit: J.Crew
Tie-waist Short
J.Crew Tie-waist Short
Credit: J.Crew
Ecru denim button-up dress
J.Crew Ecru denim button-up dress
Now 60% Off
Credit: J.Crew

Starring in her first campaign was only the start of getting dressed again in an all-out, capital letters sense this year. Pugh is scheduled to present at the BAFTA awards early next month, where she says she'll reunite with her "glam family" for the first time in a long time.

They're the people who craft some of her most memorable red carpet looks, and who are with her through highs and lows audiences never see. "I’ll be able to be with them and get dressed up and be my loud, bold, extrovert self, which is something that is, in the normal world before Covid, I just took for something that happens," she says.

florence pugh wears a trench coat in a florence pugh jcrew campaign 2022

"But I think after all of this time, these moments where you get to express yourself and show that fashion is however you’re feeling [...] I definitely crave and respect those moments a lot more now," she concludes. "And creating those moments with my friends and watch[ing them] put their art onto me is something that I definitely cherish."

Halie LeSavage
Fashion Commerce Editor

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